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CLASS 7 and CLASS 4 MOTs at Woodley Auto Centre

Contact Woodley Autos and book an MOT at our testing centre. We offer a free collection and delivery service in the Woodley area and also have a fleet of courtesy cars and vans available.

Woodley Auto Centre have a fully equiped Class 7 ramp, so we can offer MOTs on vehicles upto 3500KG

We offer MOT while you wait.

Our customers are sent MOT reminders every year, usually between two and four weeks before they are due. We can also send out text message and E Mail reminders provided we have those details.

If you are new to Woodley Autos and would like to join our reminder service give us a call with your vehicle details.

You don't even have to bring in your old MOT certificate as VOSA records can verify any existing MOT certificate. and if you bring your car in early (up to a maximum of 28 days) the extra days remaining will be added onto your new certificate!

Please bring your vehicle for its MOT a few minutes early to allow for paperwork.

Work schedules can be tight and there may be a delay if you miss the allocated slot.

There is a viewing screen if required or you can take advantage of our free Wifi in the waiting area, with free tea and coffee available.

The MOT takes approximately 45 minutes.

If you are having a vehicle service or any significant repairs carried out, it often makes sense to include an MOT at the same time as there are obvious time savings to be made when carried out together.

Combining an MOT and Service not only saves you money...
but also the inconvenience of requiring a seperate MOT booking, when sometimes the time difference is only a few months.

At Woodley Auto Centre we do charge the standard VOSA rate for an MOT. However, if you have waited during the test, we are able to show and discuss with you any problems found for clarity and peace of mind. There is no obligation to have the repairs carried out by Woodley Auto Centre, you are free to take the vehicle elsewhere. If you decide to book in your vehicle for any repairs with us however, we do offer a courtesy car service. Any car failing an MOT must be re-tested within 10 working days or the law states a full test is required. There is also a re-test fee required when repairs have been carried out elsewhere.

Why have an MOT test ?
We have MOT tests to improve road safety by examining the main road safety and environmental features of the vehicle once a year. You are committing an offence if you use a vehicle which needs to have an MOT certificate and does not have a current or genuine certificate.

At Woodley Auto Centre we aim to make MOT testing as easy as possible for you, to this end we are open for MOT tests from 8.00 till 17:00 on weekdays and Saturdays (close 12 noon on Saturday) We have a computerised testing and fault diagnosis system with access to the manufactures information incorporating all the latest makes and models. A fleet of courtesy cars and vans are available, subject to terms and conditions, or if you prefer, we can collect and return your car to you within a 5-mile radius.

For a friendly genuine service why not call in today.

Banger out of order:

By Martin Lewis, Britain's money saving expert

We've all seen the brassy ads splashed everywhere that promise "MOTs for just 20". But for many it is not the test fees but the fortune it can cost in apparently "must-do" repairs that make the nastiest dents in your wallet. To slam the brake on these costs just follow these steps:


NO joke - a staggering one in five (19%) of cars fail MOTs thanks to a simple bust lightbulb!
To prevent this happening to you, just do a quick walk around the vehicle checking all the indicator lights, side lights, headlights and backlights - and if possible replace any bulbs before the test. According to the RAC, there are also several other easy-fix common MOT faults that you could easily sort out yourself, including:

  • TYRES (13 per cent of fails): Nip to a petrol station to correctly inflate your tyres. Then check that tread grooves are at least 2mm thick - the same size as a 5p piece's tiny edge. If your treads are deeper, they are legal. If not, change the tyres pre-test.
  • WINDSCREENS (eight per cent): Check for cracks larger than a centimetre directly in the driver's view, or 4cm across the whole pane. It is often free to get them fixed on car insurance. Plus if your front wipers have any splits, replace 'em.
  • FLUIDS: Check brake fluid, windscreen wash and oil reserves.
  • THE REST: Ensure the fuel cap is secure, mirrors are in good condition, seatbelts are fully functional and licence plates are clean and easily legible from 20m.


If you have a good honest, local MOT test centre that always does you proud, stick with it. Some dodgy garages fail car parts that would pass elsewhere - just to drum up business. Deciding where to get your car tested depends on its condition - and while you won't definitely know, most drivers have an inkling where they stand.

  • PERFECT MOTOR? If you'd be staggered if any part of your car were failed just find the garage offering the cheapest test fee.
  • MARGINAL MOTOR? For cars in moderate-to-good condition that are likely to need a few minor repairs, council MOT test centres come into their own. But the test may cost you a few quid more and there's a chance of a retest fee.
  • BEAT-UP BANGER? The balance is between the convenience factor of a garage that does repairs versus fewer fails at a council MOT centre. So phone several reputable garages and ask for repair quotes first.


You will need a test certificate when your motor's three years old, and once a year afterwards. It is your responsibility to ensure the car certificate's valid, NOT the DVLA's to chase after you.

  • Get the test done in the month before it expires - the certificate lasts for a year after the old expiry date.
  • Do it earlier, and it is only a year from the test date.
  • When MOT certificates are already out of date, you're only allowed to drive it to a PRE-BOOKED test, and even then there must be a reasonable standard of road-worthiness.
  • Official maximum test costs are 54 for cars/motor caravans, and 29.20 for motorbikes.
  • If your car fails, provided it only has minor problems, re-tests are free within 10 days if repairs are done at the test centre.
  • If repairs are done separately (e.g. after a council test) it's free if it's re-tested by the end of the next working day.
  • If you get it fixed and back for re-testing within ten days it will cost half the fee.
    Follow link to article for full info.

To complain about an MOT, call the Vehicle and Operator Service's Agency (VOSA) on 0300 123 9000 or visit

Council-run centres

MANY local councils have test centres primarily for their own buses, ambulances and lorries. Yet by law these MUST be open to the general public too. As they don't do repairs, there's NO incentive for them to unnecessarily fail your vehicle so, anecdotally, this massively cuts the rate of fails.

I have compiled a directory of more than 100 UK-wide council centres follow this link
Or telephone your local council. But DON'T think these are swift 'n' shifty MOTs to pass cars on the sly - they are run by the book and that is the big benefit: you can be 100 per cent confident that if your car fails it's for safety reasons.

For example, one of my site users was given a 700 repair estimate after a local garage test. So he took it to his council centre where it passed without any repairs needed. Then he went to Trading Standards, who had it independently tested - and it passed again as it was. He got a refund on the original test fee and COMPENSATION for his trouble.

TV Money Guru Martin Lewis is the creator of the Consumer Revenge website which is packed with info on how to get more money in your pocket.


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